Open Data Workshop

Day 1: Setting up a dev environment and playing with data.

  • Introduction to Open Data.
  • Installing and familiarizing yourself with Ubuntu.
  • Setting up Ubuntu for dev purposes.
  • Introduction to NoSQL and MongoDB.
  • Installing MongoDB.
  • Writing and Executing MongoDB find queries.

Day 2: Using Python to fetch data.

  • MongoDB Update Queries.
  • MongoDB Aggregate Framework.
  • Introduction to Python.
  • Using Python to talk to MongoDB.

Day 3: API for data delivery

  • Building a simple Data Importer with Python.
  • Introduction to APIs.
  • Introduction to JSON.
  • Introduction to Flask.
  • Building an API with Flask.
  • Querying MongoDB from the API.
  • Testing the API and understanding the results.

Day 4: Data analysis and visualization.

  • Studying and understanding data.
  • Introduction to data visualization.
  • From API data request to a pie chart.
  • From API data request to a line chart.
  • From API geo-data request to a map.

The technologies you’ll be exposed to and learn to love during this workshop: