Kosovo raises the flag on corruption using open data

23 September, 2016

Published by Open-Contracting Partnership

Nestled in the middle of the mountains in Southeast Europe, Kosovo is known for its good food and friendly young people. Kosovo may lack some things, but what it does have is a raging dynamism, a thriving youth population (the youngest in Europe), and widespread internet connectivity — its internet penetration rate of just over 80%, is the highest in the Balkans and the region. These characteristics created the perfect conditions for the inception of Open Data Kosovo — a group of internet enthusiasts, data lovers and crunchers, and visually-oriented people. The jewel in Open Data Kosovo’s crown is e-prokurimi.org, an online portal for visualizing procurement data in Kosovo’s municipalities.

When Open Data Kosovo released e-prokurimi.org in February 2015, the mission for the online application was two-fold: to create innovative ways to display and publicize municipal procurement data (which was obtained thanks to the cooperation of various municipalities across Kosovo); and to build a local tech community who would develop the online platform onto which the procurement data for each municipality would be published. Before the platform existed, procurement information was inaccessible in Kosovo, so we had to use the freedom of information law to retrieve data for six municipalities.

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