Road Map for Good Governance for The State Institutions in Kosovo in 2017

06 December, 2018

Openness represents a key condition of democracy - since it allows citizens to receive information and knowledge, necessary for an equal participation in political life, effective decision-making and holding institutions accountable for policies which they conduct. Around the world institutions undertake specific activities with the aim to increasing their transparency and accountability to citizens.

Open government is based on four organizational principles: transparency, accessibility, integrity and awareness. These principles apply to all branches and levels of government,from the central executive to local self-government, parliament and the judicial system. The Index of Openness is a composite indicator that measures the degree to which governments in the Western Balkan countries are open to citizens and society and is designed in order to define to which degree citizens of the Western Balkans receive opportune and understandable information from their institutions.

Based on the results of the Index for 2017, ODK publishes this Roadmap for good governance in order to address the issues identified during the inception phase.

Download the roadmaps in English or in Albanian.