Trego Gjelbër

The Trego Gjelbër platform has been developed under the Tech4Policy project in close Partnership with Let's Do it Kosova.The purpose of this platform is to map the data of the illegal dumpings on Kosovo and the use of different ways to raise citizens' awareness of the importance of environmental maintenance.

Through the Tech4Policy project and in close partnership with Let's Do It Kosovo, we launched Trego Gjelbër platform.The platform will showcase and map data of illegal dumping in Kosovo. The idea behind the platform is not justto present how the cities are unclean, but to also raise awareness about the issue and give citizens the opportunity to report cases with pictures, videos, and stories. When citizens are connected to the internet, reports of illegal dumping can be posted by using the application TrashOut. This application is linked to the platform and will automatically update the map with the information provided in the report in the pinpointed location. The platform will include information about the illegal dumping in all municipalities, so citizens, media, NGO and other parties have a platform to turn to in order to gather information and data available regarding this matter.

Implementation year: 2018

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