Call for Journalists and media outlets

Expired on: Oct 31, 2020

Investigative Articles  for the Digital Agenda

For the purposes of the project Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA, co-financed by the European Union and based on the Grant Contract with ref. no. IPA/2019-414-059, Open Data Kosovo opens a: CALL FOR SUBMISSION OF BIDS

1.Background of the Project 

Digital Agenda is an initiative developed by the European Union, which has also been extended and adopted also for the Western Balkan 6 Countries. It aims to ensure that the citizens of the region can fully reap the benefits of the digital transformation. The commitment to the Digital Agenda will ensure that citizens have the skills to match the demands of the new economy and will help modernize public administrations, strengthen cybersecurity, increase connectivity, and improve the business climate.

Increased Citizens Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA project is aiming to increase the engagement of the civil society organizations (CSOs) in the promotion, shaping, and implementation of the Digital Agenda in the Western Balkans. As such, the implementing partners across three years will be working on increasing the capacities of CSOs and media for tackling challenges related to the Digital Agenda as well as promoting the Digital Agenda at the national and local levels. Moreover, currently across the region of Western Balkans, there are a lot of digital services currently available for citizens from public institutions. ICEDA will increase the usage of e-services through promotion and contribution to solving issues preventing their widespread use as well as advocating for new quality services to be introduced from the governments at all levels.

2. Description of the Assignment 

Open Data Kosovo hereafter, ‘Contracting authority/ organisation’, is seeking to contract Investigative journalists, hereafter ‘journalists’ who will be engaged to produce Investigative articles about the Digital Agenda.

In total 6 investigative articles will be published in the span course of three years, i.e. 2 per year.

The investigative articles should be focused on the impact of certain developments or situations on the lives of the ordinary citizens and the institutions to incite media interest and promote public debate (such as improving efficiency of certain eGovernment applications, or reporting on needs of citizens that have been met elsewhere through such solutions). The articles will contribute in reaffirming and upholding the Digital Agenda through systematic fact-based investigative articles about issues directly affecting the quality of life of citizens in the Western Balkans. This activity will directly tackle the evident absence of fact-based media content that includes expert analysis mainstreaming the issues related to the Digital Agenda in the Western Balkans.

3. Place of the Assignment 

The Journalists will conduct the investigative work and placement in Kosovo, where the articles will be based on. 

4. Assignment Timetable

This assignment is expected to start on the 1st of November 2020 and last until November 30th, 2020. The Assignment of Journalist is foreseen to be a total of the production of the six investigative articles.

5. Duties and responsibilities 

  • The Investigative articles need to be presented in a human-friendly format that takes into account patterns of human thinking, privileges stories and trends over plain facts, and consequently allows citizens to grasp a better understand of the Digital Agenda
  • Produce high-quality investigative journalism stories for Digital Agenda
  • Publish them on their official website and share them on their social media accounts 
  • Provide the organization with the financial documentation needed to make payments (Contract, Bank account, Payment request, and Individual Mission Report);
  • Writing material must be the original work of the writer/ journalist and not previously published unless otherwise specified by the Contracting authority/ organization.
  • All sides of the issue covered by the writer/ journalist will be presented and reviewed to refrain from any bias, except opinions.
  • If covered, all sides of a community, city, state, national, or international political issues will be presented factually to inform rather than promote or endorse.
  • The organization will not accept  material that is an unnecessarily unwarranted invasion of privacy.
  • The organization will not accept material that attacks any individual/entity, private or public. The criteria are to act based on the Public’s right to know crucial issues.
  • It is obligatory to protect the integrity of minors, as well as members of marginalized and vulnerable groups.
  • Other similar duties and tasks as required by the project.

The writer/ journalist can be dismissed from their position if the following violations occur: 

  • Missing deadlines without previously notifying the organization (and receiving approval for deadline extension)
  • Plagiarism 
  • Failing to fulfill duties as outlined in the ToR

6. Preparatory Phase

Please note that prior to start the work engagement, the selected Journalists will be exposed to a preparatory phase which includes the following:

  • Attends a workshop session in order to familiarize themselves with the project and the Digital Agenda
  • Get familiar with goals and desired effect of the articles
  • Getting familiar with the Research of state of e-government development & digital literacy in targeted countries in the Western Balkans, conducted as part of the project.

7. Selection criteria

Essential experience and qualification:

  • University degree or professional certifications for Journalism
  • Applicants need  to have a proven track record of at least 3 years’ experience in the field of Journalism
  • Evidence of having done similar work previously (2 samples of investigative articles)

Key skills:

  • Good writing skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of Albanian language, and good English knowledge;
  • Good reporting and research skills;
  • Good understanding of the concept of digitalization

The Contracting authority/organisation reserves the right to contract multiple journalists for this Call.

8. The offer should contain the following elements:

a. Financial offer to be done according to Appendix 1.
b. Documents proving technical and professional ability:
i. Statement for non-existence of conditions for exclusion of a supplier according to the form
given as Appendix 2.
ii. Statement of acceptance of the terms of the call given as Appendix 3.
iii. Supplier’s CV which must contain detailed and clear explanation of the required qualifications listed in this document. The Contracting authority/ organisation has the right to request evidence of any qualifications listed in the CV of the proposed experts.
iv. Two copies of published investigative articles, in Albanian or English.

Each journalist can participate with only one offer.

The offer, as well as all correspondence and documents related to the offer that are exchanged with the journalist (s), are written in  Albanian or English, filled in manually or on a computer.

Those bids that will not contain the necessary elements or are not made according to the propositions of the call, will not be considered for further evaluation.

9. Application Deadline 

Applications need to be submitted via email in the email address  with the subject line: Application for Investigative Articles – ICEDA. All applications must be sent by 31th of October 2020, 23:59. 

Below find all necessary documents for the job application.

Terms of Reference ,
Financial Offer Form ,
Declaration of Acceptance ,
Declaration of Criteria.

Sorry! This job is expired.