Tech-Zhvillim-Tech-Punësim Për Të Rinjtë

The aim of the project was to promote entrepreneurship and innovation by improving the skills of young people in the field of ICT. The project supplemented the theoretical knowledge that young people acquire at university through the development of their technical skills, facilitating their integration into the labor market by enabling them to be more proficient in the field of ICT.The project was built on several objectives presented as follows:
1. Providing critical ICT knowledge to young people aged 18-25;
2. Increasing the market competitiveness of young people who are beneficiaries of the project with the active use of newly acquired knowledge;
3. Empower young people to be part of the ICT sector by supporting them in providing internships and intensive programming courses

The training provided within the project was a great success as 182 youngsters between the ages of 18-25 around Kosovo were trained virtually on the topic of web development. Among them, 8 outstanding participants were provided with a one-month internship at ODK where they further developed their programming skills.

Tech-Zhvillim-Tech-Punësim Për Të Rinjtë project concluded in May 2022, financed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports in the Republic of Kosovo and implemented by Open Data Kosovo.





Date published

June 10, 2022