Techsperience build solutions that are prototyped, incubated for full-blown development, delivered as final digital products to the client institutions and integrated into the administration’s workflow through training.

The overall objective of Techsperience is to foster employability of Kosovo’s youth through leveraging the potential of modern technologies and intensive skill development through the following specific objectives:

- support the development of high-value ICT skills among Kosovo youth through digital product development training;
- develop concrete digital tools that facilitate and improve the quality of work of Kosovo’s local and central level institutions;
- support four (4) client institutions in integrating four (4) digital solutions (one per each institution) that improve their efficiency into their daily workflow;
- foster productive collaboration among members of the tech community and other interested stakeholders.

This project is funded by The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zussammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and implemented by Open Data Kosovo.







Implementation year: 2017 - Ongoing

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