Countering Through Technology

Countering Through Technology is a project funded by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and implemented by Open Data Kosovo.

This project contributes to the prevention of violent extremism among youth in the Municipality of Gjilan, which has been identified to be at high risk of radicalization. This will be done by engaging youth in ICT workshops, increasing their skill-based employability, improving their capacity for critical thinking and increasing their self-confidence, thus enabling them to better voice their opinions and become active participants in policy making. The project aims to: Equip youth with necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the local community and develop platforms for youth needs; Improve youth professional ICT competencies through ICT trainings; Identify needs and issues that require digital solutions; Increase the employability of the students and reduce the likeliness of radicalization.


Information Sessions


Training Workshops


Trained Students

Implementation year: 2018 - 2019

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