Building Strong & Resilient Communities in Mitrovica

Building Strong and Resilient Communities in Mitrovica is a project aiming to bring stability by building strong and resilient communities in Mitrovica. This project is implemented by Community Building Mitrovica in consortium with Mundesia and Open Data Kosovo and funded by GCERF.

Open Data Kosovo as part of the consortium is in charge of holding workshops which enhance skills set using latest cutting edge technologies, tools, and libraries to become an effective software developer. The workshop is designed for beginners, and it covers software development using emerging technologies and other existing and relevant topics in the software industry. Throughout the workshops participants will boost their hireability by practical software development from planning, analyzing, and developing real world software applications. Moreover, these workshops will enhance basic business management skills, on how to write a solid CV, Motivation Letter, and properly applying for a Job Position.

Open Data Kosovo is in charge of building a stronger and resilient community in Mitrovica through the advancement of digital skills among youth.







Implementation year: 2018-2021

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