Let's get started

In the header, you can select an election monitoring organisation, election year, election type, and election round to begin visualising the data.

For now, you can visualise the following election monitoring data collected by Democracy in Action (DiA):

About this app

The Election Monitoring Visualiser is a prototype to showcase the use of the Election Monitoring Data API.

It was developed by Assemblio LLC as an example of how governance data transparency can be promoted with software development under Open Data Kosovo.


Developers who wish to contribute can do so by implementing new features for the app itself or the API.

The source code is available on Open Data Kosovo's GitHub account in the election-monitoring-visualizer and election-monitoring-api repositories.

We care about sharing and improvements so both the Election Monitoring Visualiser and the Election Monitoring Data API are free and open GNU GPL v2.0 licensed softwares.

Anyone who distributes the code or a derivative work is required to make the source available under the same terms.

Access the summary page for this commune or polling station.