Audit Reports

Open Data Kosovo is committed to upholding the highest standards of financial transparency and accountability. Our annual audit reports are conducted by independent auditing firms to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices in financial management. These reports provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of our financial performance, including revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities. We are pleased to share our audit reports to demonstrate our commitment to responsible stewardship of resources and to foster trust and confidence among our stakeholders.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports offer a detailed review of Open Data Kosovo's activities, accomplishments, and impact over the past year. These reports provide insights into our strategic priorities, key initiatives, and progress towards achieving our mission of promoting open data, digital transformation, and community building. We strive to be transparent about our goals, challenges, and impact, and our annual reports serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders interested in understanding our organization's work and contributions.

Board Meeting Notes

Transparency and accountability are core values at Open Data Kosovo, and we are committed to keeping our stakeholders informed about the decisions and discussions that take place during our board meetings. Our board meeting notes provide a summary of key topics, decisions, and actions taken by our board of directors. These notes offer transparency into our governance processes and help stakeholders understand how decisions are made and how their interests are represented. We believe in open dialogue and collaboration, and our board meeting notes are an important tool for fostering trust and engagement with our community.