About us

Meet the Civic-Tech Enthusiasts behind Our Work

Our work contributes to our programs which include open data, digital transformation, capacity, and community building, and is backed by management geeks, tech enthusiasts, avid planners, and compassionate individuals who love to talk data to you. Each team member gives their specialized input whether that is from the law, entrepreneurship, tech, marketing, etc. perspective. We are happy to foster an interdisciplinary environment that allows the integration of various perspectives toward our organization’s goals. Additionally, please find Code of Ethics for ODK Employees, which outlines the ethical principles that govern decisions and behavior at our organization.

The Core Team

Blerta Thaçi
Executive Director

Blerta is an ultra-organized, healthy food lover with inspiring goals in mind.

Dafina Olluri
Deputy Director

Dafina is a fierce dealmaker who wakes up at 5am to kickbox.

Tringa Ahmetaj
Finance Officer

Tringa is the kindest person with the best finance know-hows.

Delvina Haxhijaha Krasniqi
Programme Manager

Delvina is experienced in managing multifunctional projects, or as her father would put it, “not a doctor”.

Ariana Gjuli
Project Coordinator

Ariana is a fan of The Office, astrology and chocolate.

Board Members

Meet our Awesome Board Members.

Mor Rubinstein

A data activist and an open data expert. For the last decade, she has been working in civil society organizations around the world on open data, open government and civic tech.

Robert Muharremi
Board Member

Currently professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology – Kosovo campus where he teaches international law and international relations.

Blerina Ramaj
Board Member

Currently a lawyer specializing in business, corporate and administrative law, mainly focused in IT, pharmaceutical and energy industry.

Blerina Ramaj
Board Member

Blerina is currently engaged as a Senior Legal Associate in one of the leading law firms in Kosovo specializing in business, corporate and administrative law, mainly focused on IT, pharmaceutical, and energy industry.

Networking Partners

Meet our civic-tech partners around the world.