About us

Meet the Civic-Tech Enthusiasts behind Our Work

Our work contributes to our programs which include open data, digital transformation, capacity and community building and is backed by management geeks, tech enthusiasts, avid planners and compassionate individuals who love to talk data to you.
Each team member gives their specialized input whether that is from the law, entrepreneurship, tech, marketing etc. perspective. We are happy to foster an interdisciplinary environment which allows the integration of various perspectives towards our organization goals.

Team Members

Meet our Awesome Team.

Blerta Thaçi
Executive Director

Blerta is an ultra-organized, healthy food lover with inspiring goals in mind.

Dafina Olluri
Deputy Director

Dafina is a fierce dealmaker who wakes up at 5am to kickbox.

Tringa Ahmetaj
Finance Officer

Tringa is the kindest person with the best finance know-hows.

Blerina Ramaj
Project Manager/Fundraiser

Blerina is law-obsessed and asks for 5 euros for every piece of advice she gives.

Paulina Behluli
Project Coordinator

Paulina is the life of the office who loves elephants.

Majlinda Dervishi
Project Coordinator

Majlinda is a bookworm with a knack for sarcasm and a positive attitude.

Art Alishani
Project Officer

Art is a tech-enthusiast who is happily waiting for robots to take charge!

Edona Dervisholli
Finance Assistant

Edona is a lyrics wizzard who speaks perfect Deutsch.

Erëzë Ahmetgjekaj
Technical Lead / Mentor

Erëzë is a geeky, Friends-obsessed girl with cool tattoos.

Diellëza Avdyli
Junior Software Developer

Diellëza is a sincere, loving and friendly girl who hates pasta and takes so much care of details.

Benet Maloku
Project Assistant Intern

Loves High-Tech, electric guitar and deep house music.

Taulant Isaku
Software Developer Intern

Taulant is a friendly and ambitous youngster who loves dogs.

Board Members

Meet our Awesome Board Members.

Georges Labreche

A problem solver, entrepreneur, and founder of the Balkan’s leading civic-tech organization: Open Data Kosovo.

Daniel Cosentino
Board Member

Multimedia Artist and Assistant Professor at RIT Kosovo (formerly American University in Kosovo) via the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Global Programs.

Alix Dunn
Board Member

The founder of Computer Says Maybe, a firm building the skills to improve collaboration in techno-social design and in turn help bring about an equitable future.

Mor Rubinstein
Board Member

A data activist and an open data expert. For the last decade, she has been working in civil society organizations around the world on open data, open government and civic tech.

Networking Partners

Meet our civic-tech partners around the world.