alGOVrithms 2.0 the State of Play

The  second  edition  of  “alGOVrithms.

The  State  of  Play”  is  taking  an  in-depth look at the usage of Automated Decision Making  in  government-citizens relations in   Czechia,   Hungary,   Kosovo,   North Macedonia,  and  Poland.  Research  done were  examining  the  existence  of  relevant legal frameworks, the practice of creating, implementing,  and  using  of  Automated Decision-Making  processes  on  different levels  of  government,  focusing  on  their transparency, accountability, and potential risks of discrimination. During this research, the  authors  of  the  report  were  also particularly  interested  in  understanding how alGOVrithms (the term created by the research  team  to  describe  ADM  systems used by central and local authorities) are being procured and who is involved in the process of their implementation.

The  examples  of  alGOVrithms  presented in the report are sorted by the purpose of their  usage.  We  have  identified  the  tools which  support  the  process  of  allocating judges and other public officials to specific cases;  to  detect  frauds  and  misuse  of public funds; facilitating the administrative and procurement  processes  and  granting allowances  and  other  social  benefits. We  have  also  detected  the  examples of  alGOVrithms  especially  designed  to respond to the challenges connected with the  COVID-19  pandemic.  Among  others, the  reader  will  find  descriptions  of  tools supporting  authorities  in  controlling  the observance  of  the  quarantine,  accuracy of  spending  of  state  aid  by  selected companies, or detecting risks of spreading contamination.

To access the report in English, please click HERE.

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*The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe. The project is implemented by: Czechia ( , Hungary (K-Monitor), Kosovo (Open Data Kosovo), North Macedonia (Metamorphosis Foundation), and Poland (Fundacja ePaństwo).




Date published

March 17, 2021