Connect-ed Kosova Tracking System

Considering the lack of digital tools that school children have faced during the situation with the pandemic, ODK in collaboration with Kosovo Center for Distance Education have developed this tracking system to identify the number of children which have been left behind due to this digital divide. This is the next digital solution developed as part of the project Techstitution 4.0. The platform serves as a tool to not only identify the school children falling in the digital gap due to the digital divide, but to also assist on the bridge of the digital divide among the school children in need. The overall aim of the Connect-ed Kosova Tracking System is to facilitate children’s access to education especially during the pandemic.

The platform is designed to gather data from municipal directorates and then enter a dashboard. Afterwards, the data is broken down into the following categories of interventions: orphans, children with special educational needs, children from low-income families, and children from Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities. As such, the platform system has three components: 1) Identifying the cases, 2) Collecting assets, and 3) Distributing assets. By accessing the link of Connect-ed Kosova Tracking System you can Donate an Equipment to assist in the collection of such assets, or you can Apply for One (Computer) as a school or community representative in charge of the respective school children in need. 

Link to the platform:


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Date published

August 30, 2021