As part of the implementation of the “Boost Good Governance” project, the development of the eParticipation platform took place. eParticipation is an inclusive platform which aims to engage citizens in decision-making and public service delivery by submitting issues to specific Members of the Assembly, following the activities of the Parliament, and directly submitting electronic forms. This platform consists of three categories listed in the main menu: Home; Agenda; Visit & Attend. The Home bar directs the citizens to the main page of this platform where they can address an issue to a respective member of the Assembly, or to the Assembly institution as a whole where a respective member of the Assembly will respond to each issue respectively. When navigating through the home page, citizens can address an issue using the form by first writing a title of the issue, then describing the issue including as much details as necessary. When scrolling down, the citizens can see the issues listed by the latest issues in the top. The citizens then can press read more to see the issue and the response towards that issue. If a third party user wants to see the issues submitted in the platform in order to check how they have been addressed, they can use the keyword section, by selecting a keyword and submitting, so that the issue that contains that keyword pops up. Such an inclusive platform also digitized the forms used to pay a visit to the Assembly of Kosovo or attend a plenary meeting where they can be accessed via the Visit & Attend page. The Agenda page incorporates the Agenda of the Assembly of Kosovo with crucial activities and events that occur yearly and remain unchanged. This platform will soon be launched.

Link to the platform: ePjesëmarrja





Digital Solutions


Date published

August 30, 2021