Kursori is the first online independent learning platform in Albanian which used EDx template to give users the best experience of online education.Such a platform offers three online courses in the field of ICT. This platform aims to directly help building portfolios for a healthy career in the future and to open opportunity for high school and university students. These students have to the ICT field through these online courses which increases their employability in the region and offers easier access to the ICT enthusiasts network in the region. The three courses that can be found that can be found in https://kursori.org/ platform are: 1) Practical Web Application Development 2) Database Design, Analysis, and Web Integration 3) Scalable Software Product Deployment

Currently, these courses can be accessed only by the target group of the project. After the users of such target group complete the three online courses, s/he is expected to know how to effectively develop a digital solution by making it secure and designing it in the most efficient manner. This platform also promotes cooperation between Kosovo and Albania through schools and specialized universities in this field. The Kursori Platform has been developed as part of the Open ICT Education for Youth Employability Project financed by the European Union in Albania, Austrian Development agency, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Kosovo, and implemented by Open Data Kosovo and AIS through the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme Albania – Kosovo

Implementation year: 2017/2019

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Date published

December 12, 2019