Media Monitoring in Kosovo

As part of the project Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in South-East Europe – ACTION SEE, the partner consortium composed out of 6 countries from the region and the Westminster Foundation, worked on the development of Media monitoring – Analysis of media content related to good governance, for each of the 6 countries from the region.

This analysis aims to provide an overview of the manner of media reporting on good governance, transparency, and accountability and the type of undertaken civil initiatives, i.e., covered project topics. It also seeks to detect the type of changes caused by the media reporting on those topics at the level of policies, legislative amendments or public debates organization with the aim to spur amendments in terms of legislation or change certain conditions through civic activism.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the media play a vital role in the development of democratic processes and the situations related to good governance in the country and the region as well. With their reporting, media outlets contribute daily to changes in the manner of implementing policies nationally and locally, such as the case with the examples available further in this analysis: a cleaner environment, health, and spending of public money.

Media Monitoring in Kosovo




Date published

December 7, 2019