Open Government Data Ecosystems

Open Government Data Ecosystems; a twelve-month project that aimed to increase capacities of public officials, local CSOs, journalists and citizens on accessing public documents and on open data based on the newly adopted Law on Access to Public Documents. Through the project, 30 people were trained on open data and how to critically analyze and assess data. Moreover, 5 data journalism stories were published through a collaboration established between Telegrafi and Open Data Kosovo. Apart from that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic interfering with the implementation of the project, a training was held in house and another online via ZOOM through a collaboration established between Open Data Kosovo and New Union – a UK based non governmental organization. Also, a data challenge took place within the project, where two CSO representatives and two rising journalists produced data driven analysis and articles and were then awarded with four personal laptops to serve as incentives to further pursue their careers in writing/data gathering/research. In total two videos were produced regarding open data, and the importance of it.


Informative videos


Capacity building activities.








Date published

May 19, 2020