Open Government Data Ecosystems

Open Government Data Ecosystems is a twelve-month long project that will increase the capacities of public officials, local CSOs, journalists and citizens on accessing public documents and on open data based on the newly adopted Law on Access to Public Documents. Open Data Kosovo will use the funds to address the lack of understanding of what constitutes a public document and what constitutes open data among the target beneficiaries, through conducting training for public officials, local CSOs and journalists, and among the public, through data journalism stories and informative videos. In addition, Open Data Kosovo will provide in-house technical support to the cooperating public institutions and monitor the work of the Commissioner for Information and Privacy, who is responsible for the implementation of the law in question. At the end of the project, the beneficiaries will enhance the openness of public institutions, acquire increased skills with regards to access to public documents and open data, enjoy stronger communication between them, and have the necessary resources to understand what public documents and open data are.


Informative videos


Capacity building activities.







Date published

May 19, 2020