The ICT industry contribution to the growth represents 5% of GDP, while it also drives 20% of overall productivity growth in the European Union. According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo, it is considered the job of the future also in Kosovo and ICT skills are among the most demanded in the labor market. The ICT sector holds great potential to drive Kosovo’s economic development. Therefore, Open Data Kosovo and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce want to use the data on the ICT market information to improve the development of the sector, and to provide recommendations on the development of other sectors. Moreover, the data driven from the ICT sector will serve as a starting point, to be further used in job creation and employability of youth in other industries with high potential in Kosovo. ODK in partnership with KCC will develop a digital tool which will gather, analyze and generate data of ICT market in Kosovo. The digital tool will obtain data from the education sector including private and public high schools, vocational schools, and universities in order to analyse past and current trends, and will serve as a start point on building same solutions for other sectors. Moreover, the digital tool will analyse the gender differences in regards to education and percentage of employment in the job market.


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Implementation year: 2019-2020

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Date published

December 10, 2019