Open Data Kosovo

Open Data Kosovo (ODK) is a pioneering civic-tech non-governmental organization in Kosovo established as a foundation on October 9th, 2014. Committed to fostering a culture of transparency and innovation, ODK actively engages in data collection, analysis, and advocacy, with a primary focus on leveraging data governance to drive informed decision-making, promote transparent governance, and optimize institutional processes in Kosovo.

We contribute to the development of a local and vibrant tech scene. By working as a lab that provides mentorship and training programs, we engage local software developers and help build a community around the use of nascent and enabling technologies to develop apps for social good with Kosovo’s open data.



We are committed to increasing knowledge and usage of data governance to support data-driven decision-making, policy-making, and process optimizations in day to day strategies.


We have trained more than 4,000 tech and open data enthusiasts coming from different sectors and guided them to better skills development.


We specialize in crafting digital solutions for a diverse range of partners, including NGOs, governmental bodies, and private enterprises, with the shared goal of enhancing operational efficiency on both local and international scales.


We develop and promote guidelines and ethical frameworks for the responsible design, deployment, and governance of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, ensuring transparency, accountability, and fairness in AI systems.

Capture the impact of our work

The solutions developed for the areas that needed intervention resulted in:

Youth Data

Governmental Data:

Procurement Data

Waste Management Data

Education Data

Digital Rights Data

Our Partners

We are grateful for the continuous support of our partners.

Wondering where you can find us?

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Ganimete Tërbeshi, 26A,
Aktash, Prishtinë 10000


+383 (0) 49 962 656
Available for calls: 08:00 - 16:00