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Open Data Kosovo is a nonprofit organization that believes in using civic-tech and digital humanitarianism to open government. Our initiative promotes the idea that governance data should be made freely available for everyone to use and republished as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.

We contribute to the development of a local and vibrant tech scene. By working as a lab that provides mentorship and training programs, we engage local software developers and help build a community around the use of nascent and enabling technologies to develop apps for social good with Kosovo’s open data.

Our main programs include:


We are committed to increasing knowledge and usage of open data to support data-driven decision-making, policy-making, and process optimizations in day to day strategies.


We have trained more than 1000 tech and open data enthusiasts coming from different sectors and guided them to better skills development.


We develop digital solutions for local and international partners, coming from NGO, public and private sector aiming to increasing efficiency.


We are sharing our space with individuals and initiatives who are excited as us about the development of the tech scene and digital transformation in Kosovo and worldwide.

Meet The Team

Get to know the people behind Open Data Kosovo. Our creative and technical team.

Blerta Thaqi
Executive Director

Blerta is an ultra-organized, healthy food lover with inspiring goals in mind.

Dafina Olluri
Deputy Director

Dafina is a fierce dealmaker who wakes up at 5am to kickbox.

Tringa Ahmetaj
Finance Officer

Tringa is the kindest person with the best finance know-hows.

Capture the impact of our work

The solutions developed for the areas that needed intervention resulted in:

Youth Data

Governmental Data:

Procurement Data

Waste Management Data

Education Data

Digital Rights Data

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Our Partners

We are grateful for the continuous support of our partners.


We are happy to have collaborated with other amazing individuals who have shared below their experience with Open Data Kosovo.

Krzysztof Izdebski

A project we are developing with Open Data Kosovo, is that it recognizes the need of Kosovo for digitalization of the procedures for validation of the compliance of municipal acts with the applicable laws overviewed by Ministries. We supported Open Data Kosovo with our knowledge on opening legislation and presented the outcomes to the Ministry of Local Government Administration which encouraged us to implement the concept in selected Kosovo municipalities. We hope to continue the project after receiving extra funds to which we applied in partnership with Open Data Kosovo. Moreover together we did the first Open Data in Public Administration Conference in Kosovo, which was a great conference.
Krzysztof Izdebski-Board Member and Policy Director ePaństwo Foundation

Shpend Ahmeti

The opening of the data has increased the level of trust of the citizens in the Municipality of Prishtina and has engaged them directly in decision-making processes. Because when the citizens have all the data available it will encourage them to give ideas, remarks and suggestion which in the end will help us create a base for planing our investments and projects for the future. ODK has developed for us the “Open Contracts” which helps us manage the public contract within the municipality and it is a very useful tool for us.
Shpend Ahmeti-Mayor Municipality of Prishtina

Petrit Selimi

We need to support the institutions to open data but also to encourage the civil society use open data when advocating. Rumor mill must be substituted with transparency. We have supported and ODK during our DigData Open Data Challenge and will still continue supporting them as they have shown not only innovative but also persistent at making local and central government understand the benefits of being open towards citizens. This conference too shows this dedication to this critical change needed!
Petrit Selimi-CEO Millennium Foundation Kosovo

Andrew Russell

ODK is more than just another start-up. It is a example for others that demonstrates the endless possibilities for innovation and cutting edge professional services in Kosovo. It is part of a broader youth-led movement that is creating the future now.
Andrew Russell-UN Development Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative

Milena Marin

I have worked with Open Data Kosovo to get Amnesty Decoders off the ground, an innovative platform for volunteers around the world to use their computers or phones to help human rights researchers sift through large volumes of data such as pictures, satellite images and documents. It was great working with Open Data Kosovo, their dedication an understanding of technology for non-profits was extremely appreciated.
Milena Marin-Senior Innovations Campaigner Amnesty International, Decode Darfur

Krittika Vishwanath

We (The International Human Rights Education team at Amnesty International) have been working with Open Data Kosovo on different projects over the past few months. They supported us in a time sensitive project by creating our new microlearning platform in less than a week! They have also been helping us to build our strategy on microlearning in social media. The people we have worked with in Open Data Kosovo are reliable, professional, passionate and creative. They have produced quality and exciting outputs in an extremely efficient manner for us. We look forward to continue working with them and wish them all the very best in their work.
Krittika Vishwanath-Global Human Rights Education Project Manager Amnesty International

Kreshnik Gashi

We had the opportunity and the great pleasure to work with the young professionals from Open Data Kosovo in cooperation with Girls Coding Kosova, in a project that supported the digitalization of the services of the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority of Kosovo. We at ARKEP were fascinated by the hardworking team of experts who build software which is helping day to day work of our staff in one hand and made possible for the companies that work with us to interact completely electronically with ARKEP, thus reducing bureaucracy and increasing transparency in the sector of electronic communications services on the other hand. We were one of the few fortunate institutions who had a chance to be supported by ODK.
Kreshnik Gashi-Chairman of the Board Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications

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