An online micro-learning platform providing information and case studies on human rights defenders and a complimentary targeted proposal for an engaging and informative social media micro-learning campaign.

Amnesty Human Rights Education (HRE) is a free learning platform aimed at educating students in human rights. It offers three courses; The importance of defending human rights, Who is a Human Rights Defender?, and Building a society that respects human rights. Each course has its own infographic video, a case study, and a quiz.

ODK also created a micro-learning social media campaign proposal for the Human Rights Education team at Amnesty International. As the project’s target audience was primarily young people aged 18-30, integrating the campaign through Instagram fell in line with their avid social media habit. Post reaches were maximized by adding three layers of hashtags, one referencing the overall campaign, the second referring to that week’s theme and the third relating to the day specific theme. The campaign posts six times throughout the week, encouraging students to comment and ask questions along the way. Since Instagram displays posts as tiles in rows of three, posting six in a row allows for the creation of thematic block sections, ensuring simple navigation between sections.

  Implementation year: 2017




Digital Solutions


Date published

December 12, 2019