Analysis of the Openness of the Judicial Bodies in Kosovo (2018)

The results of the conducted research show a decrease in the performance of courts in effectively fulfilling the indicators of openness. Courts in the region seem to have a low score when it comes to access in information and in the conflict of interest prevention. Public Prosecution Offices in the region score low regarding transparency of the organizational information available to the citizens, with a score of 19% of set indicators. This low score has also reflected the right on the access to information component at the regional level, as very little information is available online.

The justice system in Kosovo has been systematically criticized for inefficiency, political partiality, and insufficient capacities at all levels, to name just a few causes for concern raised by local and international observers. According to the observers, progress has been achieved since the Law on the Disciplinary Liability of Judges and Prosecutors and the Law on Mediation were adopted.

On the other hand, the Courts scored 47% an increase of 4% of set indicators from last year’s measurement but were still ranked third. Ahead remains Montenegro with 56% and Albania with 49% of the set indicators. Kosovo leaves behind Macedonia with 43% of scored indicators, Serbia with 26% and lastly ranked is Bosnia and Herzegovina with 25% of scored indicators.

The analysis you can read it here in English and Albanian Language.




Date published

December 8, 2019