Analysis of the Openness of the Office of the Prime Minister (2019)

Utilizing the past experience with partners from the regional network of NGOs“Action SEE“ Open Data Kosovo has prepared the policy paper where it analyses level of transparency, openness, and accountability of the office of the Prime Minister in Kosovo. The policy paper is a result of extensive research based on scientific methodology conducted by Open Data Kosovo in the past few months. The aim of the overall research is to provide a detailed overview of the situation in Kosovo, and to contribute to the implementation of the public administration reform. This paper also aims to strengthen the principles of good governance and help institutions implement them more effectively in their work. After an evaluation of the proposed aim in the past years, done so for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018, this paper draws analysis of the level of openness and recommendations for improvement for the year 2019. The methodology and its indicators have been constantly improved and adapted to the respective year’s demands. This policy paper also brings out a comparative element where ODK has drawn an analysis of improvement along the years when the measurement has been carried. The policy of openness must be the policy of all governments in the region, and it must be formulated and treated equally as other important policies. Such a policy should maintain its objectivity in the matter and must not be influenced in any case by current political decisions or other political elements.

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Date published

February 4, 2021