Call for Concept Ideas for CSO Representatives and Journalists in Kosovo

Open Government Data Ecosystems is a project financed by the US Embassy in Kosovo and implemented by Open Data Kosovo. The main goal of the project is to create stronger communication between citizens and local CSOs with public institutions and promote the new Law on Access to Public Documents for good governance and the rule of law.

Since the main target groups – beneficiaries of the project are civil society organizations and journalists, Open Data Kosovo is launching two challenges with awards for these two specific groups.

The data challenge is conducting a concept document where you will incorporate ideas for a data-driven analysis (for CSO representatives) and a data-driven article (for Journalists) up to 2 pages maximum.

Award: Two best concept documents for articles and two best data analysis will be chosen for further development where after the 4 deliverables are completed, four laptops will be disseminated in total, one laptop per each winner. 

Also, every deliverable will be published in Open Data Kosovo social media platforms.

The deadline for submission is: 30 August 2020 23:59.

Call for Concept Document Application in English and Albanian.




Date published

August 12, 2020