Handbook on the Usage of Data in Journalism

Data journalism is a journalism specialty reflecting the increased role that numerical data is used in the production and distribution of information in the digital era. In its core, the process of data journalism is based on increasing the availability of open data, published on the internet, which will be further analyzed through numerous digital software. Data journalism strives to reach new levels of public service by helping the general public or individuals understand patterns and take decisions based on their findings. As such, data journalism could assist journalists to play a significant role in society in a new way.

In Kosovo, 42% of reporters use data to tell stories regularly compared to countries in the US and other countries in Europe that use 51%. Open Data Kosovo with the intention of helping Kosovo improve even more has published and delivered this handbook.

This handbook helps you understand why data journalism is important and aims to introduce journalists to new trends and practices which are essential for effecting a lasting change and push the quality of journalism upwards.

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Date published

December 3, 2019