The Future Workplace in the Kosovo ICT Market

The main focus of this research paper ‘The Future Workplace in the Kosovo ICT Market’ is to understand the current state of the ICT market in Kosovo utilizing the data-driven  digital tool ‘The Future Workplace’  ( which encompasses crucial data regarding the ICT education and ICT businesses in Kosovo. The ICT Market in Kosovo has been identified as an area   of   huge   potential   by   Kosovo   public institutions, researchers as well as   international   businesses.   This   is   reflected by also the increase of the registered number of ICT businesses in Kosovo by 187% in the last 10 years.

While there has been widespread discussion of the potential of the ICT market in Kosovo, there is also a lack of reliable data to support such discussion. Hence, this has fundamentally affected the ability to analyze the ICT landscape in Kosovo.

In other words, the lack of data-driven decision-making whether that is within Kosovo education institutions, ICT businesses or during student’s decision which studies to pursue, has had a negative effect in the further development of the ICT landscape.

With this in mind, this research paper, which  includes  data  collected  from  the   Ministry   of   Education,   Science,   Technology and Innovation and from the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Kosovo, Tax Administration of Kosovo  and ICT business in Kosovo, analyzes the  ICT  market  in  Kosovo  through  looking at trends in ICT high school and university  graduates,  ICT  businesses  composition, income and trends over the years, and skills mismatch in the ICT market in Kosovo. In other words, this research paper is wholly-based on data provided by The Future Workplace ( which feeds  into  the  recommendations  for  the Kosovo education institutions, ICT businesses and students in Kosovo.

Publications are available in English, Albanian, and Serbian.




Date published

May 22, 2020