InfoSec Manual for Journalists and Civil Society

This manual has in mind journalists and other civil society workers of the Southeast European region which currently may not face the most sophisticated information security (infosec) threats. The author believes that it is a worthy tradeoff to sacrifice some information security rigor if that promotes a higher adoption of these practices and tools.

These manual target audiences with low-security practices as well as the general population. As such, is lays out basic information security practices suitable for everyone. Each section of this manual covers at least two levels of security: the very basic level required for safe computing which should be practiced by everyone, and a higher risk section that every investigative journalist and CSO doing sensitive work in the region should aim for.

Nevertheless, some activists and CSOs in the region face even higher levels of threat and should look for other more in-depth resources, some of which are listed in the last section of this manual.

This manual was written in July 2019. Information security threats and their mitigation measures are constantly evolving so this date should be borne in mind when referring to it in the future.

Read the handbook in Albanian, English, Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin or Serbian




Date published

December 8, 2019